15 Household Objects You’re Forbidden from Flushing

no flushing of these objects please!

The toilet, latrine, porcelain throne. Whatever you call it, this trusty amenity forms the backbone of everyone’s daily routine. So, the last thing you need is a blocked loo all because a family member carelessly flushed household items. Sydney Water claims that wet wipes cause 75 per cent of all blockages, so don’t flush those. […]

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Gas Hot Water System vs Electric: Which is Better?

gas hot water system vs

Coke vs. Pepsi; Marvel vs. DC; Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier; there have been some epic rivalries throughout the years, but none are more relevant to households than gas vs electric hot water. The hot water heater forms the backbone of everyone’s daily routine. But when it’s time to upgrade, do you go with the […]

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10 Simple Steps for Planning a Minimalist Bathroom

minimalist bathroom sink and tap

Contemporary design is all about minimalism. Homeowners recognise the stresses and anxieties that come from excess and from being overly attached to material possessions. Minimalism is all about freeing oneself from unnecessary clutter and focusing on what’s truly important. This is what makes it so appealing. We’ve put together an easy to follow guide to […]

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6 Tempting Toilet Trends Perfect for an Ensuite Bathroom

ensuite bathroom toilet

The ensuite bathroom should be a luxury locale and sanctuary from household commotion, so you have a quiet and relaxed retreat to take care of business. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, especially if a few kids are running around disturbing the peace. Still, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t make this space as […]

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Reduce Each Utility Bill by Using the Dishwasher MORE Often

dishwasher helps with utility bill

We adore the convenience afforded by using a dishwasher, especially at the end of a long day. But for years, these effortless appliances were held back by common beliefs that dishwashers are a major contributor to the utility bill. However, there’s plenty of evidence revealing this as a common misconception. In truth, modern dishwashers are […]

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