Plumber Canberra

Australia’s largest inland city, Canberra is the capital city of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and indeed the country’s capital city. This is a territory steeped in history and a major tourist hub for Australians and international visitors in part due to it being the home of Australia’s federal government, where Parliament sits, and for boasting many culturally significant landmarks. Approximately 380,000 Canberrans make up the population of the territory, most of whom are employed as public servants.

Plumber CanberraThere are hundreds of active plumbers who live and work in Canberra. They all must have a current accredited license to be able to lawfully provide plumbing work. The ACT Government for Environment and Planning is the government body in Canberra that is responsible for issuing these three year long licenses, for which there are two distinct types covering regular sanitary and water plumbers and also sanitary drainers.

The ACT government has training programs offered to their plumbers which can further educate and qualify these professionals as WaterWise plumbers (training in water efficient plumbing practices and products), or Green plumbers (training in environmentally aware practices of water conservation and methodology in lowering greenhouse gas emissions within plumbing practices like tuning your heater and products). Both of these programs have been innovative and exciting benchmark arrangements between the local government and the local plumbing trade in forward planning sustainability plumbing practices.

With public health and safety a key component of any plumbers work, it is not always in standard business hours that a pipe bursts or a toilet backflows. Hence, it is common for a lot of the plumbers in Canberra to provide emergency plumbing services to suit the consumer, either at the homeowners’ preferred time and convenience or for when the issue must be attended to immediately.