Burst Pipes

burst pipe spraying water

On the spectrum of plumbing emergencies, burst water pipes are right at the top. They can cause major water damage to your home and can cost you a fortune on your next water bill.

When you have a burst pipe, you need an emergency plumber and you need one now. Enter Book A Plumber Online.

We have plumbers available within just 1 hour* of your call to repair a burst water pipe and get your water back on and also have no deposit, interest free payment plans** available!

What Causes Burst Water Pipes?

Burst water pipes can be caused by a number of different plumbing problems, including:

  • water freezing in pipes
  • rusted pipes – especially old galvanised pipes
  • hard water
  • blockages
  • improper installation
  • high water pressure above 500 kPa
  • moving pipes
  • water hammer
  • wear and tear from old age

Your plumbing might be experiencing any number of these problems and be the cause of your burst water pipe. A professional plumber from Book A Plumber Online will identify the cause of your burst pipe and suggest a repair that focuses on the long-term. If high water pressure is the issue, our expert team can install a pressure regulating valve that will ensure your water pressure does not exceed 500kPa.

Signs of Burst Water Pipes

Not all burst pipes are obvious with water gushing from a pipe. There are several signs you can keep an eye out for if you suspect a burst water pipe and it’s not immediately obvious:

  • unexpectedly high water bills
  • extra green patches of grass
  • signs of water damage
  • scent of sewage
  • corroded pipes

If you notice any of these, it’d be wise to turn off your water and contact a professional plumber through Book A Plumber Online. They will be able to identify if it is in fact a burst pipe, locate where it is and how to best repair it.

Our Expert Burst Water Pipe Repairs and Services

Not all burst pipes are the same – each requires unique and specialised repair and service depending on the scenario. Here at Book A Plumber Online, our expert plumbers have the industry experience and know-how to provide you with the right burst water pipe repairs and services.

Unless you’re happy to go about your life fearing your pipe bursting again any minute, there’s no point in looking for short-term burst water pipe solutions. That’s why at Book A Plumber Online, our plumbers always strive to provide long-term solutions.

CCTV Drain Inspection

Your local expert from Book A Plumber Online can identify the root of your burst water pipe problem using CCTV drain inspection. This is where a camera is inserted into your drain and used to identify exactly what the problem is.

This means we can provide specialised repair solutions for your burst pipe.

Pipe Relining

Plumbers from Book A Plumber Online are all trained in the latest pipe relining technology and best practices. Wherever possible, we try to offer pipe relining as it is a less invasive and less labour intensive pipe repair method.

Pipe relining essentially repairs your pipe from the inside-out, leaving you with virtually a whole new pipe without having to dig your yard up.

Drainage Excavation and Pipe Replacement

Sometimes it simply can’t be avoided and your plumber will need to dig up your burst pipe. Drainage excavation requires a team of plumbers to dig up and replace the broken section of pipe.

Our team from Book A Plumber Online are skilled in drainage excavation too!

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?

Burst pipe services with Book A Plumber Online go beyond just repairing your damaged pipe.

Burst water pipes are an emergency, and we know you don’t want to be left for long with your main water supply turned off. That’s why we have plumbers on standby who can be at your door just 1 hour* after your call.

We know a burst pipe won’t wait around for business hours and that’s why our plumbers are available 24/7. And the best part of it all? We charge the same prices no matter what time you need us. Late at night, on the weekend and even public holidays – our prices never change!

Our burst pipe services don’t stop there though. We understand that burst water pipes are never planned or expected. That’s why we offer $0 deposit, interest free payment plans** so that you can manage the cost of repairs in a way that suits you.

Weekly or fortnightly instalments mean you can pay the job off at a rate that suits you and your lifestyle. Prefer a different payment method? We’ll take that too!

For a professional burst water pipe service that can respond to emergencies in just 1 hour*, you need Book A Plumber Online. Call us today or book online for a same day, quality plumbing service.