Gas Leak Repair

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Gas leaks are no joking matter. When you suspect a gas leak in your home, you need an expert gas fitter out urgently to repair this. Book A Plumber Online understands the seriousness of a gas leak and can have a licensed gas plumber at your home within the hour* to locate the leak and repair it.

Signs of a Gas Leak to Watch Out For

There are a few different signs of a gas leak you can watch out for. The most common, and most easily identifiable, is the smell of gas.

Whether you smell sulphur or rotten eggs, it’s difficult to miss the smell of gas. Natural gas actually doesn’t have a smell – we add a harmless gas, called mercaptan, to give it this distinctive smell specifically so our noses can detect a leak early on.

You don’t need to just smell gas to know there’s a leak, though. Here are a few extra signs of a gas leak you can keep an eye out for too:

  • unexpectedly high gas bills
  • hissing/whistling noise near a gas line
  • damaged gas lines
  • unexplained bubbles in your water
  • dead plants or patches of grass for no reason
  • inconsistent water heating from a gas hot water system
  • your pilot light changes colour or keeps extinguishing

If you suspect there’s a gas leak in your home, you need to immediately turn off the gas supply at the gas meter and contact a professional gas fitter. While you wait for repairs, try to ventilate your home by opening all the windows and doors and get whatever gas has leaked in your home out.

Expert Gas Leak Detection

Gas leak detection requires expert skills only a qualified gas plumber can provide. Using a manometer, they can detect pressure drops in your gas lines to confirm whether or not you do indeed have a gas leak.

If you have sprung a leak, your gas fitter will need to precisely identify the location and cause of the leak. This involves isolating your gas lines and gas appliances and testing them with the manometer until the leak is found.

After a full gas leak detection, repairs can be done to stop the leak. This might involve capping off that appliance temporarily, repairing a section of it or replacing the faulty section entirely.

Here at Book A Plumber Online, we have emergency gas fitters available for gas leak detection at only a moments notice. Not only can we have someone at your property that day, but we often have technicians available in your area within just one hour* of your call!

24/7 Gas Leak Repair Service

Book A Plumber Online has a range of professional and qualified gas fitters who are available 24/7 for an emergency gas leak repair service. We won’t leave you waiting around with a gas leak or no gas at all for long with our rapid response times.

When you use Book A Plumber Online, you can call us any day or any time and never need to worry about paying extra for after hours or weekends. We charge the same rates, 24/7 so no matter when you need us, we’ll charge you the same.

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?

We pride ourselves on having the best plumbers and gas fitters in the industry. You’ll be impressed with our rapid response times and fully stocked vans with the intention to get the job done then and there.

Our 24/7 availability and prices that never change make us your go-to option for emergencies. We won’t leave you with a leaking gas appliance or line for long, we’ll arrange for someone to come out to you today.

We understand gas leak repairs aren’t something people tend to budget for, and that’s why we proudly offer no deposit, interest free payment plans** to approved applicants. These plans mean you can have gas leak repairs completed for no upfront cost. There’s no need to dip into your family holidays savings to pay for urgent gas leak repairs when you can opt for weekly or fortnightly repayment options!

Don’t delay getting your gas leak repaired. Contact Book A Plumber Online and we’ll send out one of our professional plumbers today.