Leaking Taps

Leaking taps can be a source of great frustration in a household. Not only is the dripping sound of a leaking tap enough to keep you awake in the middle of the night but leaking taps can also cause unsightly stains in your bathtub or basin.

Leaking Taps

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Leaks are detrimental to the environment as well, a dripping tap can waste many thousands of litres of water per year. In a dry country such as Australia every care should be taken to prevent leaks and thereby prevent water wastage.

The above reasons alone are enough incentive to fix leaky taps but another reason to get that leak fixed as soon as possible is that it could be causing your water bill to be significantly higher than what it should be. Repairing a leaky tap promptly will save you money in the long run and be better for the environment.

Besides a visibly leaking tap, there are various other signs that a tap is leaking somewhere on your property. A water bill that is higher than usual is a good indication of a leaking tap.

Another test that could be done is to check the reading of your water meter and then leave all taps off for a couple of hours (do not flush the toilet in that time either). Check the meter reading again after that time, if the reading is different to the original reading then there is possibly a leaking tap somewhere in your house.

To prevent premature wear on your taps do not over-tighten them as over-tightening puts strain on the tap washers and will cause them to crack over time.

Another preventative measure that can be taken is to have your taps serviced by a Book A Plumber Online approximately every two to three years. While this will extend the life of your taps it may be better to replace them as they get older, it saves you money and the new taps will look great.

While it might be tempting to attempt to fix a leaking tap on your own it is better to get a licensed Emergency Plumber to do the job, an attempted DIY repair job by an inexperience person could lead to more unforeseen and expensive problems later on. The peace of mind of knowing that an experienced Plumber is doing the job is well worth the money.